A collection of interviews, articles, and videos concerning Our Company, Our Technology, and the Future of Dream Experiences. 


REdbull Tv Presents "SCreenland"

Enter the realm of dreams in virtual reality, where one person's dream can be shared and experienced by many with the help of technology. But when trailblazing a new virtual frontier, sometimes the dream of succeeding is what's most real.


Dream Donations

 The Dream Collection Agency is a social experiment that collects dreams and recreates them into virtual reality. Kris Pilcher - the Chief Visionary Officer and Dale Adams of the Dream Collection Agency join host Celeste Headlee to discuss some of the strange and wonderful things that happen to Georgians when the REM cycle kicks in.


Atlanta Agency Wants your Dream Donations

 What if there were an organization devoted to collecting your dreams?

And what if they also created virtual reality experiences from them, so your friends and neighbors could experience them, too?

Well, there is such an organization.